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    Did you buy or adopt your bully? Tell me your story, please....

    We got Tia from a local (well 1 hr away) SPCA. We had adopted our Rotty there, and I had added them on facebook. I had always thought that an EB would cause me a great amount of laughter and lightheartedness, but had never had plans to buy one. When she showed up on my Facebook page, I was in...
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    Tia's back at agility!!

    So after Tia unexpectedly went into heat a couple of weeks ago (the SPCA and the vet she saw when she was with them thought they felt a scar from a spay), tonight was Tia's first class back at agility. She had missed 2 classes, but I attended one of them because my friends are in the same class...
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    In heat

    Tia too has just gone into heat. She was an SPCA adoption, and they THOUGHT she was spayed, but apparently she wasn't. I have already booked an appointment to get her spayed for as soon as is safe after she is done her heat. Spaying is super good for your dog if you don't plan on breeding her!
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    Tia the Taster

    Pretty much my reaction too!! My best friend laughed and laughed...I kept telling Tia she wasn't allowed to kiss me because she has Mouse Breath!
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    Tia the Taster

    My daughter saw her (and I quote) "chewing it's head off". Then it was gone.... And she eats ANYTHING.
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    Any advice for life with a diabetic (Non-EB) dog??

    Taz just keeps getting better and better. This morning (at about 8am), I took his sugar levels at breakfast and insulin time, since we reduced him by 6 units twice a day, and he was at 3.6. I HAD to go to sleep (I work overnights), so I skipped his morning dose, just to be sure he didn't crash...
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    Tia the Taster

    So...I had the most revolting wake up today.... I work overnights, so I sleep during the day. My 10 year old daughter was off school today because she has impetigo, which is contagious. She is not ill, so she was chilling out at home while I slept. I typically sleep until 3 or 3:30 when the...
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    Any advice for life with a diabetic (Non-EB) dog??

    Just an update on my Rottie Taz: He is ROCKING the insulin thing. First and foremost, he is AMAZING to give the insulin to. He hears me go into the drawer that has his insulin in the fridge, and he runs over and sits at my feet wagging his tail. When I need to check his sugar levels, as soon as...
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    best boots for our eb

    I live where it's not uncommon to have temps in the -40 range (-40 is the same in C and F), so I have been thinking about boots for Tia too. Someone recommended a Canadian made brand call MuttLucks (page is here). They are supposed to be really great!
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    Games your bulldogs play

    Tia hasn't done anything like this with us, but it cracks me up when she decides she wants to play with the cat (who is very dog tolerant). Our border collie cross, when she plays with the cat will mouth him...constant chorus's of "Don't eat the cat" ring out! But Tia doesn't mouth him. Instead...
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    Tia's #2 Agility Class, crappy pics included!

    @cali baker You should totally look into it. If you have a husband/child/friend who would be interested in running one of your bullies you could have them both go in, otherwise you could just do one. Or possibly they offer 2 different agility classes, you could do it with one bullie one night...
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    Tia's #2 Agility Class, crappy pics included!

    dolphin she is more like the class...PITA! LOL. She is the uber energetic one who wants to play with EVERYONE...ALL the time! LOL. I am terrified she is going to go maul (in a playful way) someone's dog any time I have to drop the leash! LOL jenzaar I am learning so so much. Not just about the...
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    New to this rodeo :)

    She is so sweet, and lucky to have found you!! Welcome to EBN! Rescue Bullies are the best (but then, I may be prejudiced, mine came from the SPCA)
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    Tia's #2 Agility Class, crappy pics included!

    Oh she went through NO problem! Same with the tunnel...she didn't have ANY problems with the tunnel...until her 4th run through. Then she started trying to cheat and go around (and once ON TOP of) the tunnel. I quickly discovered that she was far less likely to be lazy about the obstacles if we...
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    Daily poll: Have you ever used a shock collar on your bully?

    I haven't, but in my mind, they are like spurs for a horse...there is a time and a place when they are appropriate. That being said, I have never used spurs either. I don't feel I am qualified enough to know when either of those tools is appropriate, or how to use them properly. Misusing "tools"...