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  • Your very welcome, that was the first time I seen you Post, wanted to say Hey!! :) and Thank You!!
    :butterfly: yeah I want to get one for Franklin but I want to wait till he's older so it will last more than a season cause he's growing so much I got him July 1st an in these couple months he's doubled his size I just can't wait for all the shark teeth to be gone my other dog has scratches an bites all over her she doesn't have much hair so she looks like she was a fighting dog an she's a pit so it doesn't look good sorry to chew your ear off. Oh one more thing I love your avatar go cowboys!!!
    :butterfly: yeah a cowboys fan I am too! your baby is very cute I would love to see some more pictures
    Hey there! That would be wonderful, anyone who loves EBN as much as we do.... well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they would be a great family!

    I will send you a PM :)
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