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    Working with Ralph

    Ralph is also sleeping on the job today
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    Wesley’s acting like “ jekyll and hyde” !!

    We went through it with Ralph! the amount of money he cost us in chewing things and attacking my clothes must have been thousands! I would have given him away at times! but they grow out of it :-) he currently chilling on the sofa
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    Working with Ralph

    You let him play cards against humanity hahahahaha
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    Working with Ralph

    Thank you!
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    Working with Ralph

    Do anyone elses Bulldog insist on sitting at the table while you're working? Also does your Bulldog sing at the TV constantly?
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    Whatcha looking at Nyala?

    Ralph likes to be nosy too :-)
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    Please help

    I gave Ralph Frontline, within 20 mins i thought he was dying! he couldn't stand up, shaking, being sick! i would never recommend Frontline.
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    My New Pup Chapo

    My little ralph couldn't have chicken or turkey played havoc with him, good luck though looks a little brute.
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    Ralph is at it again 😂

    Aww thank you, as he's getting older(nearly 2) he has stared doing some weird stuff, but so so clever.
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    I spy with my little eye...

    Ralph is allowed to sit at the table if he's a good boy, he doesn't eat with us.
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    Ralph is at it again 😂

    It's the music in the background, in the last few months he is reacting to all different types of music/instruments.
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    Ralph is at it again 😂