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    Please pray for my Frankie

    Sending love and prayers your way! Please keep us updated.
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    Tail Amputation / Tail Pocket Info THANKS!

    It really depends on how bad the tail is affecting the entire area! Here is Bentleys pics right after surgery...the vet decided to take the entire thing off... This was before we had the surgery This was a day after the surgery was done! This was a week after! This is what it looks like...
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    Wellie's in the Hospital.

    Continuing prayers for y'all...I'm so happy to hear he's feeling better! Thanks for all of the updates.
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    car rides?

    This is how we roll! Bentley loves to ride! Every now and then he will try to get in my lap but he knows where his place is, plus 90% of the time he's strapped in.
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    Wellie's in the Hospital.

    Oh myyyyyyy...I am so sorry to hear this...sending major thoughts and prayers your way...get well soon precious!
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    Just a few pics of the boys

    They are freakin beautiful!!!!
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    What a difference 2 months makes

    That is too precious! It's amazing how they can be with their toys! I'm still trying to find Bentley one to cuddle with...nothing last more than a day here [emoji53]
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    Photo And Video Theme: Fang Friday

    Yes it's fang Friday!!
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    Photo And Video Theme: Your Bully's First Day Home!

    The day we picked each other[emoji7]. It was love at first lick! First night home! First car ride to the vet! Second night at home, and he's hoarding all of the toys lol! And yes he's the model type, not to mention his first time going outside in the grass! Missing these days...
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    Photo And Video Theme: Happy Tippy Tongue Tuesday Everyone

    LOVE the pics! Too cute! Bentley's tippy tongue!
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    Love my Girls Smile

    What a beautiful smile!
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    Dozey and His Silly Tongue

    That is just adorable! Gotta love those tongues!!
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    Banks has killed the soccer ball

    Glad to know Bentley isn't the only one! He literally destroys everything! I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get a really expensive one that could possibly last longer than 3-5 days!