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    My dog was attacked :(

    Wow I am very sorry to hear that happened to your EB. But I want to commend you for your bravery!!! A dog attack is a very scary experience and for you to be able to think and execute the digging your nails into the other dogs mouth is extraordinary! You are soo brave!!! My EB has been a victim...
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    Please Look- Joey's Eye Problem

    Hello if I may ask what ended up being the resolution? My dog has a very similar issue, and like you mentioned with your case it Hello, seems like I am going through the same thing now with my Broly. Also seems to be worse when he wakes up as you had mentioned in your case. We had the ointment...
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    General Question When to switch to adult food?

    Hi just wanted to ask what orijen food did you switch your EB to. Mine is 7 months and I still have him on orijen puppy, so I'm guessing it's time to look for the switch. I was actually planning on keeping him on it till the one year mark.
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    URGENT!!! Swallowed a whole mango pit

    thank you everyone for all of your input 2BullyMama brutus77 Vikinggirl Davidh helsonwheels , Broly ended up throwing it back up later on that night!! We were so relieved when he did, we were soo scared that he was not going to be able to pass it. But thank goodness it came back up! thanks again!!
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    URGENT!!! Swallowed a whole mango pit

    My wife was giving our broly at 7 months 46pounds mango and without thinking have him the mango pit to lick some more. He ended up swallowing the whole thing. Would his stomach digest it? Should I induce vomiting? I am hoping his stomach dijests it. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance!!
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    What to expect with a Bulldog.

    Wow! Very good information! I wish I would have seen this while looking for our boy! Would have helped to know what to expect! I have had dogs all of my life but our 6 month old bulldog is our first and I can say it is a very, very different and unique breed with different needs! But all of this...
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    Probiotics Needed with Orijen/Acana?

    We started our 6 month old puppy on Orijen puppy when he was around 9 weeks, we add Greek yogurt to his morning kibble for probiotics. Also from what I have read the Greek yogurt helps with tear strains. We struggled with the transition from the old food to Orijen, if your EB are anything like...
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    Do your friends/family/guests like your bulldog?

    Yes everyone that sees our broly love him, and he loves the attention. Seems like he shows more excitement when guests come over, than when we come home. Smh I guess he forgets who feeds him lol.
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    Lime Sulfer Dip-has anyone used this product?

    Has anyone used this product? We wanted to start using this product to prevent skin infections. We take our little guy regularly to dog parks, so he's around a lot of dogs. So we wanted to use this product to prevent him from catching anything from other dogs, such as mange,fungal infections...
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    Thank you guys for all the input, guys I'm taking your advice and taking him to the vet tomorrow afternoon. We are just worried that they might want to give him prescription treatment that might be too harsh on him since he si still little and it's only been about a month since he last had a...
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    Sorry for the over load on pictures I would just like to get to the bottom so we could treat it today. We really don't want it to get worse. Thank you again for all of your input.
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    TyTysmom Manydogs 2BullyMama
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    Yes it feels like a big thick hard scab.
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    Broly turned 6 months 4 days ago and is around 45 pounds. The third picture is moist we rubbed some ACV on it to see if it would help. I'll add some more pics in a couple hours. But it's really dry and hard to the touch
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    Help Needed! Huge Rash/Bump appeared!!!

    We just noticed this huge rash/bump/wart i have no idea what it is it just looks soo bad. we think its a ring worm, but we are not sure. it would be great if could get some help identifying what this is so i can start treatment right away. I tried looking up some of the forums and i saw that...