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    My aged bully has scaly sores/never stops

    Help! Major has re-occurring crusty spots popping up all the time (Back and legs)His hair is easily pluckEd from these places. What is this? He’s 7 1/2 years old. He has gone through many antibiotics and steroids and it still keeps coming back. Thanks for any help
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    How much did your Bully weigh @ 6 months?

    This is Major a couple weeks ago.
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    How much did your Bully weigh @ 6 months?

    G8erjackie thank you and Ruckus is a handsome man! Here is Major waiting for the vet to come in
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    How much did your Bully weigh @ 6 months?

    Major is a male and today I took him in for his checkup and last shot for a year. He weighed 55lbs. The vet said he is at a healthy weight. What weight were your Bullies @ 6 months? I'm wondering what weight he will be at full maturity?? Any insight would be nice. Thanks
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    what are some ways of keeping your bull dog cool?

    Sharper Image makes a cool mat that I found on Amazon. It's 5-10 degrees cooler than the normal flooring/bedding. Non toxic too. Major loves his
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    Need new food bowls...recs?

    Hey y'all we are having to buy Major new good bowls because his head is getting too big for the current bowls. Any recommendations?
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    Hey y'all! Meet Major from TX!

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome! Really looking forward to enjoying this site with all of you!
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    Hey y'all! Meet Major from TX!

    This is Major he's 8 weeks and 3 days old. We got him on his 8 week birthday. He is already learning potty training really well and is happy in his crate (most of the time 😊). He is definitely in "shark mode" but Mom and Dad have lots of toys for him to chew on and even a few water bottles. He...