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  • Hi there Kevin. Happy New Year. Congratulations to your Cougars for kicking Seminole assholes. Haven't seen you post in a while. I hope all is ok. Roger
    Hi there, We feed Lola 1 large patty per day of NVI raw (1/2 patty per meal). These are the large patties that come 10 or 12 to a pack. This amount is the suggested for 50 lb dogsā€¦1/4 patty more and you're feeding for a 58 lb dog. Doesnt seem like much food but Lola's weight does not go down. I think we will eventually feed prey model raw, but until we have an extra feezer, NVI is it :) good luck. I would start out with the chicken or the beef, these are less expensive and I find lola likes them better. We feed the venison (but this also contains lamb).
    Will do. I was supposed to work this weekend but I don't anymore so we are going trying to figure out if we are going to go before we go to the Bulldog show and EBRN Houston Bully parade at the Crown Plaza on 290 or after as we can't take our pups to the show.
    Not only the break ins at the Hwy 6 one but over the past 2 years 3 dead bodies have been found out there. Weather permitting I am planning on taking Harlea out to the new one again sometime this week and try to start going at least 2 or 3 times a week.
    She is getting a little better each day. Thank you for asking. Be safe tonight. BTW... The new dog park over off of Barker Cypress across from Towne Lake is really nice.
    :cake4:Splat! It's EBN's birthday and you just got caked! I got you first!So now you have to get 5 other members, but you can't get me back!
    :hiya:HTX Bully... my name is Lisa and I've just come by to welcome you to the forum! If you need anything just ask! You can click on my the top of this box and you'll be taken directly to my profile page. There you can post a Visitor Message like this one! If I can't help..I'll find someone who can! Hope you're enjoying the forum! Also please post an Introduction in the Welcome and Intro Forum. Everyone will want to meet you!
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