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    Who has the oldest bulldog?

    Roxy is 13 and 6 months. Thought we were going to lose her a couple of months ago. Stomach/Intestinal issues. We thought it was time until vet said "I can fix that. Vet gave meds and changed its like she was never sick. Back to her old self.
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    Porkchop has passed

    All dogs go to heaven...He'll be waiting...
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    Large patches of hair missing

    I have to agree with the seasonal comings and goings of hair loss though there was no real pattern to when it occurred. She'd lose some hair in patches...never bothered'd grow back...she lose it again, it'd grow back again. But when we moved to Vegas several years ago it stopped.
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    Tail Amputation Surgery

    Hope Monty is feeling better now and looking better, too. Roxy's tail has always just consisted of about three or four hairs sticking out of her rear end area...LOL