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  • :cake4:Splat! It's EBN's birthday and you just got caked! I got you first!So now you have to get 5 other members, but you can't get me back!
    I'm not on Pinterest because I am afraid I will get hooked. Is there another agingermom out there? Hmm I wonder if the world is ready for 2 of us. I love being a RN. Been doing it for 15 years, psych nursing mostly but I have cross trained all over. A teacher!! I salute you. I couldnt do it!! What grades. I love Foster BW
    Wait, you lost me. I know you? Now you have my interest. 40th birthday, cool!! Did you go to Sturgis while at Mt Rushmore?
    I work with a gal that lives in Monument. So pretty there. We go by there often on the way to the lake. We're off of E470 and Smokey Hill (out towards Southlands Mall).
    The surgery went well, he is doing so much better now. We were concerned that doing both hips at once may cause him to move slower and not want to move as much, but he must of been in more pain than we realized as he moves quicker and more frequently now. He will get his stitches out soon, as that is driving him a little crazy, but over all doing very well. Thanks so much for the hugs and support through all of this, it has really helped me get through it. :2thumbs:
    HI yes we had great weekend abby and jack had their first real bath yezterdat! I agree jeans are best for bully drool, have a good day
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