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  • I'm so sorry for your loss... I have lost several bulldogs, and I was completely devastated. Sounds like you are healing w/your new baby and doing rescue... that is wonderful news.
    I am sorry for your loss. My baby, Gypsy, died less than 2 months ago. I adopted an English bulldog rescue last week. She is helping me overcome my grief and I am helping her have the life she deserves. If you want another bulldog, I don't think it's too soon. It doesnt mean you are over your loss. I will never get over losing Gypsy. She was my best friend. But having a new bully girl to love and care for is helping me to be happy again and helping her by giving her a wonderful new home! You and a new bully friend can help each other. And I would highly reccommend adopting a rescue and blessing him or her with the life they deserve :)
    If you feel the need to get another baby then by all means do it... you can't replace your girl, but there is always room for another one to love.
    Oh gosh, I'm SO sorry to hear about your loss. I was on vacation, so I wasn't able to check up on EBN. My sincere condolences...
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