Dakota Bully

I have 4 wonderful English Bulldogs. We adore them! I work full time, but try to study up on being a better bulldog owner and raising healthy, happy bulldogs. We always wanted them, but did not get any until almost 3 years ago. We will never be without one again, if we can help it. They make us laugh so many extra times a day and I can't wait to come home to them. They just want to be "people loved" and are the greatest companion breed ever!! I have been reading on here ever since before getting them, but now I want to be able to share in some of the forums. I think it is great when people can bounce ideals off each other. I am constantly learning from all of you and hope that maybe I can also help others!

I love to go camping along with the bully babies. I like swimming, campfires and reading. One of my biggest passions is cooking...especially grilling and smoking meats. The bullies don't seem to mind
North Dakota
Real Name
Insurance Agent/Office Manager
What do you feed your dog(s)?
Meat, fruit & veggies, along with gluten free, grain free kibble (Merrick) and homemade bone broth.
Why do you want to join our community?
Because I love my bulldogs and want to learn more.
Do you own an English Bulldog?
Bulldog(s) Names
Sir Diesel, Alise, Pia & Piglet Wiggle Britches