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  • You can post the words but sometimes they link automatically. I am not going to be so fussy on SNB as I am here. We had a lot of learning to do the first couple years on EBN to keep the spammers out. That is where the rule came from, so people don't just sign up to advertise. So you can post the link there. :)
    LOL no just keep growing.... maybe someday the special needs forum will pick up too :up: So good to be able to help so many lately.
    As it is here on EBN, only subscribers and up can add to that. We don't want people signing up just to promote products. But, I wanted to talk to you about something anyway so I'll send you a PM!
    Hi Christyjulene,

    The bulldogs for adoption section is for bullies that are in rescue, were you asking a rehome fee? I have rescue contacts all over the USA so we can help get her to a rescue for you. :hug: Closet to CO would probably be Texas?
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