Christie H

Most people know I'm alot crazy and love to have a good time.Life is like a roller coaster so sit down fasten your seatbelt and hang on for dear life.Well,I am 39 which I didn't think would ever happen some days,but here I am.I have a wonderful husband Jared and a wonderful family and friends whom I love very much. I have a home in the country on 20 acres with a potbelly pig named Nemo and our two Bully babies Wheezie Kay and Abbott.Which I'm sure is funny to old friends.In our spare time we take Jareds Harley Springer out on the town for little journeys,Hopefully I can connect with alot of old friends and make plenty of new ones.

i like my music LOUD, Hanging Out With Friends, Jared Highbargin,lol, Craziness Riding Motorcycles, Those Who Love Their Children Care Enough to Discipline Them, Motorcycles, Ride Motorcycles, Going t
Centerton, Arkansas, United States
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Blue Buffalo
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Wheezie&Abbott's momma
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Wheezie Kay Wigglebottom and Zakk Abbott Wylde




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