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  • Thank you and...can't wait to see Sophie. What a lucky little girl
    to come live in your home :) GOD bless y'all!
    Love your albums, Diana and your handsome bullies.
    I lost my 1st bully, Brutus, an older rehome last Jan,
    5 months after losing my Hubby (52) was brutal.

    I was called 3 months later about an older, retired breeder
    needing a home, Cami, whose been here just 9 months. It's
    amazing how fast you love them so deeply :)

    Welcome to EBN, so glad you've joined us. I've lived in Phoenix,
    years ago (would love to live in Flagstaff) and Mom & Dad lived
    in Sierra Vista a couple of times. I live in Central TX now, 25 yrs.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss :( He must have been such a special boy, and you are right, only those who have lost a bully can ever truly understand that kind of grief. :grouphug:
    :welcome3: to EBN camelotdreams! I'm Lisa and I've just come by to welcome you to the forum! You can click on my name desertskybulldogs at the top of this box and you'll be taken directly to my profile page if you need any assistance or have any questions. There you can post a "Visitor Message" like this one :up: You can also post an Introduction in the "Welcome and Intro Forum". Everyone will want to meet you!
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