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    Veterinarian Recommendations

    Recommendation of a great bulldog vet, Dr. Michael Marks. He had bulldogs himself, and loves my Gunner. He treat's a lot of bulldogs. Also, at that same practice is Joanie DeHaven, DVM. Who is VERY knowledgeable with bulldogs. She worked with one of the well known bulldog vets in Florida for...
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    My love for Brutus

    Ditto here. I have had many animals, horses, cows, pigs, and all kinds of domestics... I raised Old English Mastiffs for 20 years. NEVER have I felt like this with my bulldog. He is simply something else... You're not alone, but I wouldn't say we are very sane. LOL
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    Started a local bulldog meet!

    Have you tried this website... It really reaches a lot of people.
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    Again... another question on insurance.

    I started with PetPlan and then switched to Trupanion. I have been on the fence with going to Healthy Paws because they are more reasonable for the premiums and cover basically what Trupanion does, with the exception of hip displeasia for the first year. Trupanion does reimburse 70-90 percent of...
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    It was a LONG but happy night!!

    Fight the urge, take it from a Mommy of an almost eleven month old spoiled rotten baby who cries at night. Keep strong, and stay the course, I wished I had...
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    OK, spill it! ...

    I do have 2 bulldogs; one is Gunner and the other is Pebbles. However, Pebbles has packed up and moved to my nephew's house. She is a wee pup and loves being the Princess of the Palace there. Gunner is a hard act to follow. So today I have been shopping online for her, and the sweet girly...
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    OK, spill it! ...

    Well I must confess; I did the same...I started out innocently enough with a list in my hand, but when I left to go shopping, my little light of my life, reached up so gently and gave me a sweet kiss. As I shopped I kept thinking of his sweet face and more and more went into the cart. Each store...
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    Is there anyway to safely smooth down nails??

    People on blood thinners are really extra sensitive. A long sleeve shirt won't do the trick, (says a person who hangs their head very low because of her bulldog that ripped a visiting friends leg open) He had thick jeans on. I try to keep his nails short but it sometimes just happens. What I do...
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    Waiting impatiently for Bogey!

    HAHA downsize... sorry that was outloud right? I raised Old English Mastiff's for 20 years, decided after my last one crossed to rainbow bridge no more. I got an english bulldog, thinking more compact, smaller, easier...LOL the joke was on me... My baby Gunner takes a full time staff and then...
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    Tank's Thanksgiving Feast!

    I was so tempted to give Gunner turkey today. I needed him on a Turkey sleep. I refrained, but I am seriously considering it for Christmas!
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    Has anyone ever heard this about bulldogs? ( too big. too fast)

    I always kept my Mastiffs at a good juvenile weight, not over-doing it or over-feeding. I do the same now with my Bulldogs. It's better to gradually have weight so the bones can adjust to the weight at least while the hips and joints are setting. Not a vet, but my vet has agreed with this, so...
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    Help Needed! Triflexis

    I used Trifexis on both bullies. Gunner 9 months old, for the first 2 months he was on it, would have diarrhea a day or two after taking it. On the third month he was fine. Pebbles, who is just 3 months, had her first dose on Nov 1, she threw up a little. I am giving it one more month to see...
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    Does anyone use wipe warmers for their bully butt wipes?

    I use wipes, but I never thought of the the warmer ... hmmm add one more thing to the list of items people will make fun of me for having for Gunner.
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    Help Needed! I noticed this bald spot today

    Not a vet nor do I think I know everything, but... it looks like Gunners start of his creeping crud, otherwise known as mange. It's been heck getting him cleared up.
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    Help Needed! I think Charlotte's itchy "down there"

    I agree with the diaper rash lotion.