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  • Andrea, so glad you shared these issues so I can pray
    for your needs & comforting. We all have something (s)
    going on in today's world as you can tell by our dear
    member's posts. Thank GOD, we care and help carry each
    other's burdens. It is a privilege & honor doing so.
    Sending you hugs n kisses, post or PM me anytime!
    Thank you, Andrea for support & comfort to help me get
    to the better place I'm in now. I COULD NOT have done it
    without you & my dear friends here. GOD bless you & yours!
    Sorry I didn't get back to you but I didn't know I had a message, Ftse is very fuzzy too he will go without eating up to 2 - 3 days no matter what we give him and I was feeding him Royal canine and he did not like that at all and he started weeping at the eyes so I have put him on a grain free but I am not too sure if it is good or not and someone told me about Black hawk do they have a grain free one, I wish we could get Fromm here but then if it has to be treated with chemicals that is no good either :confused: sounds like bazza is doing good on it I think I will try it :)
    I just noticed you feed Bazza Black hawk do you find it good and odes he like it, I was feeding Ftse Royal Canine and he does not like it and we don't have a great selection of good food here in Australia like they do in America so I was just wondering how bazza was going on it.:)
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