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Yep. Harry (that's his name) is like a new man! I'm on thyroid meds too - but I don't know which I am; hyper or hypo. I didn't feel bitchy when they were off - but I did feel weepy and crazy. PLUS I had all this water weight that just FELL OFF when I started taking Levoxyl. Thyroid can do some whacky stuff to dogs and humans alike.

Like you though - even given my limited information - I would imagine that skin/licking are allergy things - not thyroid. Don't forget to tell everyone what happened when you find out! (I, for one, hate being left hanging in the "health" section here...)
I will def. let everyone know when I figure it out. I'm worried its neither thyroid OR food allergy, but environmental allergy...not sure they can do anything about that. Her feet do seem a l.i.t.t.l.e better if I'm religious about wiping her feet...and understand I mean just a little better...I HOPE it's the food and this one is the one that will get rid of all her problems.
I'm hypo and I can tell when the dose of my meds are off...VERY weepy, emotional, can't think, and weight gain, joint and muscle pain, and dry skin. It stinks.
If she didn't get little bumps on her feet (between her toes mostly) and little bumps on her skin I MIGHT think it could be thyroid related, my skin gets very dry when my dose isn't right and I itch a little. So if she is really dry maybe she's licking because she itches....but the bumps don't go along with that thinking. sighhhhhhh Time will tell...I'll let you know.