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Thread: HELP~~ =(

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    Default Re: HELP~~ =(

    Great to hear that he did well on the table.

    You might find that he doesn't need the cone. I've heard a few bullies here who can't reach that area so there's no point. Unless Dukey's talented and can. lol.

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    Default Re: HELP~~ =(

    oh duke can reach alrite hahaha
    i try to keep him off the cone as much as i can
    when i'm there to supervise him and not let him reach his area

    he seems to be coin just fine
    i gave him the pill the first night, because he was whimpering a lot.

    and last night, he didn't even need one.
    So i think i won't give me more pain killer

    and i am still wiping down and taking care of his redness on his fold

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