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    Lightbulb posting pics

    How do i post pics on this site?

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    I have only recently mastered the art without my hubbys help and without throwing my computer through the window in frustration.
    I have tried to explain but failed miserably so deleted it instead I shall post you a link to the tutorials and mention @BruceP in the hope that he will pop in and be of more help than I.

    Quick and Easy Site Tutorials for New Members

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    Here is the tutorials for posting pix. Quick and Easy Site Tutorials for New Members

    Lari and I use Photobucket and upload our pix to there. Then we copy/paste the link to the pix we want to use to here. We find that is the easiest for us to do. Photobucket, if you dont know is a free photo storage site online. You sign up for a free account and then you can store photos there.

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