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Thread: Help! Reilly's skin is so red and itchy!

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    Default Help! Reilly's skin is so red and itchy!

    My severely allergy prone bully has been chewing his feet raw and running around like crazy because he is so itchy! I could kick myself right now because I gave him a bath yesterday and he was fine and right after he broke out in huge red spots on his belly, his feet, and chin are so red

    I just gave him one Triamcinolone
    (steroid pill) and hoping this kicks in soon so he can sleep comfortably tonight!

    I washed him with TropiClean Oxy-Med Oatmeal Shampoo, has anyone ever experienced this type of reaction just from bathing?!?! his dog dermatologist says to bathe him 2x a week because of his allergies, but every time I do it irritates him even more!

    I also switched his food 2 weeks ago to Wellness Simple Solutions Salmon & Rice.

    I hate seeing my baby so uncomfortable and itchy, it kills me!!

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    Default Re: Help! Reilly's skin is so red and itchy!

    Oh no!! Poor guy. The shampoo would be my first thought. I think there is someone here that bathes with natural products like vinegar. @karenben I think.

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    Default Re: Help! Reilly's skin is so red and itchy!

    when bathing i use sporaD you can get it online its a good price and as good as vet prescribed medicated shampoo,then a soak with apple cider vinegar .but make sure its unpasturised unfiltered and it has written on the label with the mother!!,its very cloudy and smelly but is the best stuff,im also putting 2 dessert spoons of it in her morning meal,if you use it after bathing dont towel dry just let the dogs coat dry on its own,its smelly when you put it on but the smell goes,karen

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