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I spread out his meals so he eats 3 times a day. The only reason I am only giving him 1/2 cup of the Fromm Salmon each meal is because I was told that Fromm doesn't have any fillers in it....it is very rich in nutrients, so you don't give the dog as much, or else they can become bloated and their stomach can't handle it. This is why I add the rice in there....to give him more calories as more of a filler. I guess I could try a little bit more of the Fromm...Bruno just has such a sensitive tummy it seems, so it makes me a little nervous to try.
Rice is quite a filler too- it fills them up per say and helps with runny poo. I would only use rice if your bully has the squirts- just my opinion. Better to have beneficial fats than unusable calories?