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Thread: My new bully!

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    Welcome. I have a seven month bully. We use angel eyes in his food. He was on purina puppy chow from 10 weeks till about when he was 6 months. He was having alot of skin issues so we changed him to royal cabin. His skin is back to normal and is doing great. We also give him filtered water and I heard that helps too. I wipe spikes face two or three times a day. I also use Vaseline on his tear stains to keep them dry. Good luck. And congrats on ur new bully u will find urself falling in love soon. everyone on here is VERY helpful.
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    Welcome CrystalandJustin and debstarr this site is great! I dont really need to chime in I think you got all the help you need on the wrinkle care issue. As for the cat I have none so have no help there either but I am sure someone here may be able to help you on that. Feel free to ask any questions here, everyone is very helpful!

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