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Thread: Red,yeasty facial wrinkle care question

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    Default Red,yeasty facial wrinkle care question

    I noticed that Tuffy's deep facial wrinkle are a little red and yeasty. So after cleansing with a baby wipe and drying with a cotton ball, I've been putting a little of the bordeaux butt paste in there with a q-tip. Should I also apply some gold bond powder in there afterwards to keep it dry?

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    Maximus had some real nasty Face wrinkles when I got him, and I had to take a very agressive stand on daily cleaning and maintenance. I actually got a good recommendation here on this site, and bought
    Mal-A-Ket wipes, and was diligent about checking his deep wrinkles daily and cleaning them. It wouldn't take long for his wrinkles to get red, crusty and full of yucky-stuff, so I had to be vigilent about his
    care on a daily basis. I also used Desitin ointment, which kept the inside of the wrinkles quite dry. And now Maximus has no ongoing problems with nasty, crudy stuff in his wrinkles.......

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    When any of our bullies get the nasty crusty red yeast under their rope, we use Animax cream, prescribed by our vet. It kills the yeast. It is very inexpensive, and always good to have a tube of it on hand, but only use if the area is swollen, red and crusty. Do NOT use animax cream to replace your daily care of wrinkles.

    I have also put some in the tail pocket when it was yeasty, helped tremendously-
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    Thanks for the great suggestions. I'llask my vet about Animax! So far the diaper butt paste seems to be helping! I'll see if I Can find those Mal-A-Ket wipes....

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