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Reilly has the exact same issues. The tear stains were so bad, he would scratch and scratch until his face was bleeding! His back is the worst area, its very mothy looking fur and he is shedding like crazy and rubbing himself against everything he passes. I took Reilly to dog dermatologist back in january. Got him allergy tested, got 2 medicines, steroid, antibiotics, and the allergy shots. Well it helped for a few months until about 2 months ago the raw feet, face, and scabs on his back have returned. I took him back to that doctor when he told me it could be a food allergy!! Reilly ended up having a bad bacteria infection on his body that was causing the yeast issues. He is on cephalexin now and it is helping, he is now on Avoderm ovenbaked lamb and rice. This switch has only been for 1 1/2 weeks and wow, what a difference! his face is completely clear and has NO tear stains, his back is less itchy and less shedding. He licks his paws only occasionally now. I am praying this works. Please try an antiobiotic and consider switching food. I know exactly how you feel!!
Max is currently on an antibiotic - The VET prescribed Cefpodoxime for 30-days, in addition to medicated baths. I have never tried AVODERM dog food. Perhaps I will do some research on it.
Thanks for the recommendation...