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    my dog is a mix breed and he is 6 months old and i wanted to know if any of the other bulldog have this problem.when my walks you could feel his joints on his back hips is that normal and do u think i should go see a vet
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    is there anyone that could help me out cuz when i put my hand on my dogs back hips it feel like his joints are clicking in place i want to know if this is normal for a bull dog cuz this is my first 1 ever

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    Hi there - that is not normal and could be a sign of several conditions, the most obvious is hip dysplasia.

    I would absolutely get to a vet to see what's going on back there because with hip conditions, the sooner you diagnose and treat, the better the prognosis!

    Keep us updated and please click here to access an article on the condition based on my experiences and research!

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    Default Re: back hips question

    I really can't add to the advice that sheshistory has given you - as I don't have any personal history of it and Jill does!!

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    Default Re: back hips question

    @sheshistory gave you the best advice. That does not sound normal at all. I would go to the vet and have it checked out. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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