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Thread: red dots under my dog's belly

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    Default red dots under my dog's belly

    Hey guys

    Dukey had a little red dots going under his belly for some time now.

    Last we checked in wit the vets, he said it could be fungi, so he gave me some ointment for a treatment.

    that was like a month ago.

    and applying the ointment for a week, it seemed to be went away

    but another week later, it started to come out again
    and i didn't pay much attention to it.

    I kind of applied the ointment as it goes, because i still have that ointment left. I also got Vetericyn hot spot spray bottle too, maybe if it may help with the spots.

    the red dots kind of come and go, and i constantly checked for fleas and tics, but never found any.

    no traces no poop
    I also brushed Dukey this morning thoroughly, but still no signs of fleas.

    and now it got me concerning again, as it seems to be spreading and really comping up now.

    thinking about going into the vet again for a check up, but before I do that I just wanted to check in with you guys to get a better idea of what is just going on and any of you, with more knowledge on a bulldog than I am, can help me out!

    he doesn't seem to be in much pain yet at least. He licks but doesn't bite the area.

    can someone please give me a clue what it can be????

    thank you so much
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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    I have no idea, the area does look inflammed and sore. I am sure someone on here will tell you.

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    Your vet maybe right with the fungi. You need to have a total fungi remover because that ointment can only prevent it for a short time.

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    Hmm...not sure. I would think the vet could tell you more. Kind of looks like bug bites to me because of the raised head on some of them. Not sure..keep us posted.

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    My guess is some kind of allergic reaction ... is it just on his belly?? If so, maybe look at his blankets or bedding , the wash detergent and fabric conditioner you use. Or if you have carpets that he lies on do you put something on them. If you have wooden floors it could be the cleaner you use. I'm only saying that because I'm sure you said it was just his tummy!!

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    how does his feet look? Bella and cali have similar spots.
    we have been on cephalexin and ketacolanze I think that is how you spell it.
    we have been trying to figure out if its seasonal allergies or food allergies.

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    this is annies problem,ive taken her off kibble as they started when i changed her kibble to what i thought was a better brand!!,ive changed her bedding from vet bed to cotton sheets,i use dermacton for the itching,apple cider vinegar also for the itching,she has antihistamine which do help.ive noticed that she scratches after shes slept,they did go away but after a couple of days the appear again its a pain in the butt,unfortunatly i doubt i will ever trace where its comming from i can only hope that building her immune system up the itching will go,allergies in dogs are so common its just trial and error,karen

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    Default Re: red dots under my dog's belly

    Marley's been having the same issue lately (red dots look the exact same). All we have been doing is wiping her belly down at night while doing her daily wrinkle clean, applying diaper rash cream to the rash or inflammed area and then applying some talcpowder. It has been working and the red dots have cleared up. We have narrowed it down to either bug bites as we go on daily hikes in heavily wooded ares, a heat rash or chaffing because her belly folds rub together when she walks. Maybe try doing this and if it doesn't clear up go back to your vet as this is a quick and easy solution that will help your puppy without the vet bill.

    Hope Dukey is feeling ebtter soon!

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