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Thread: Should I neuter my bully?

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    Default Re: Should I neuter my bully?

    Quote Originally Posted by TessaAndSamson View Post
    Neutering should help with all those problems, should help alot! I am a huge supporter of spaying and neutering, so I say NEUTER!

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    Samson is pretty good about potty training. He's getting neutered...he's a very horny dog and I never plan to breed so..

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    Alex David

    Default Re: Should I neuter my bully?

    When you could not train your Dog in beginning then do not take risk and get the services of a trainer .He may better over come on behavior problem,strangeness and knows well that how to train.Now you have fixed his habit so get a trainer immediately.
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    Default Re: Should I neuter my bully?

    I also agree on neutering the dog. It's the right thing to do. I know how you feel with regards to excessive peeing in the house.

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