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You know while it's really sad when a pet gets taken, one really can't blame the wolves or mountain lions. There's wolves in KY? Hmmm. Here's the article that I was referring to in the other post about the mountain biker.

CNN.com - Mountain lion victim upgraded to fair condition - Jan. 10, 2004
@GatorRay..@jeanneco..we have mountain lions in our neighborhood..in past few weeks 4 dogs have been killed. I had an encounter with 1 few years ago at 4 in the morning..rescuing my cat. My hubby rides mountain bikes on trails next to our neighborhood..scares the crap out of me! He has come face to face with bears but they are not scary to us..mountain lions terrify me! The guy across the road from us..lost all his goats from a mountain lion. He had special pens that were electrified to keep them safe. The dang mountain lions scared the goats so bad they broke out of their safe area..right into the jaws of the lion...