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Thread: Upset

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    I'm not who moved my bulldog? I am an EBN Reporter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vhoas View Post
    I will take a look, thank you.

    She has eaten a bit more today, but only when I cut up a cocktail sausage and mix it with her food.

    She had some food about 30 minutes ago, she ate around half of it then after about 5 minutes she started to 'reverse sneeze'.
    She has been absolutely fine all day. Playing, snoozing, playing, snoozing some more.. the usual. But come feeding time, she turns her nose up.

    it does happen at times, where the food just starts to not agree with them anymore
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    -vitamins-jpgOur Oliver started in Dec with losing hair on his back and red spots, had him tested for ring worm, had skin cytology test, allergy test etc. Ring worm was negative but one test came back and vet wanted to surgically remove the lesions.
    I did some digging. This is what worked for us.

    We took him off all meds ( he was on a low dose steroid for bad allergies )
    switching from apoquel to cytopoint shot.
    I started using Nu stock cream ( Miracle cream !! )
    I started a RAW diet
    I also supplement these vitamins ( they are pricy but really help build the immune system )- Thorne Research Immugen
    and I started giving him turmeric.

    it has been about 6 weeks. all his hair has grown back on his back and where he had thin hair on his sides is growing in thick. all the lesions are dried up and 95 % gone.
    he is much more comfortable .

    I am a fan of ruling things out first at the vet but this is what helped us ! Olivers skin was HORRIBLE 6 weeks ago. red inflamed, and he has lost so much.

    Best wishes. it is so hard when this happens.
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    I took Ralph off Royal Canin, he now has James Wellbeloved and Lily's kitchen, no Poultry at all.

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