Definitely no one should be changing anything. FDA will investigate if they get between 5-10 issues/deaths n yet there’s 77million pets in the US. 5-10??? Come on do the math here! There’s a good variety of great kibbles out there.

Being in the food industry and I’m inspected on regular basis by provincial n federal government. Trust me I do ask these inspectors what they think of Acana as it’s made n founded here in Alberta. They inspect Acana all the time n just pop in their facilities without letting Acana know they’re on their way. Ever single inspector I’ve asked what they think of Acana, not one had an issue with their facilities. “We never have issues with them” that’s their exact words. I’m not saying they won’t find anything one day but if they never had issues with them that’s a kibble I would feed my dogs. With the knowledge in my field I would still go with grain free for dogs n cats. The power of internet nowadays can be fantastic n yet dangerous at the same time. You need to use your common sense when reading anything these days. That’s my 2 cents on the FDA. Anyway look at some of their crap meds they approve on the market. Their side effects are worse than what you’re supposed to be treated for. Scary stuff.