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Thread: Need help with Emmitt's skin

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    Default Re: Need help with Emmitt's skin

    So can you get rid of the mange or just control it
    Bella and Cali was on cefalexin and then developed a yeast because of the antibiotic
    They don't have the mange but had a rash on them

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    Default Re: Need help with Emmitt's skin

    Good Day~
    As many others have expressed, finding out what it IS sometimes first has to start with what it is NOT. EBD can have a variety of skin conditions. Allergies can be from food, environment, bedding, eating a bug or spider, or from parasites or bacteria.
    Getting the skin scraping done rules out the BIG problem of Demodectic or Red mange.
    Demodectic Mange in Dogs | http://www.ehow.com/about_5402560_demodectic-mange-dogs.html
    Treatment | http://www.mange-in-dogs.com/demodectic-mange-in-dogs.php

    So now you know what it is and how to go about dealing with the problem.
    A antibiotic, Ivermectin and a benzo-pyroxide shampoo are very effective in treatment. Others also have had success also adding C-Silver, and DE.

    Take care,


    Here is the thread also posted about this.

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