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Thread: $35 Pet Poison Hotline number per incident...

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    Default $35 Pet Poison Hotline number per incident...

    Pet Poison Hotline number. 1-800-213-6680 There is a fee of $35 per incident. But if there would be issues relating the original call they follow up and assist your own vet with consults for FREE!

    Animal Poison Control Center - Pet Poison Helpline - Pet Poisoning Call Center

    For the life of me...I seen someone mentioning they paid far more than I had when I called the Pet Poison Hotline the emergency vet gave me when Ashoka got into a cold pill packet. Luckily she hadn't really eaten the pill just chewed off most the coating and it was still in the packaging. But thought to share this was far cheaper than I recall the poster stated...but I can't seem to locate that post now that I had time to post the number.
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    Default Re: $35 Pet Poison Hotline number per incident...

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