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Thread: Bugzy is bleeding a little from his...???!!!!

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    Default Re: Bugzy is bleeding a little from his...???!!!!

    @bjs farm i havent seen him act different or have to pee more than usual or act like he has to but nothing comes out so i am really hoping that it is just a bump or scratch!! ill cross my fingers n hope it goes away.... how long did the blood on the tip of their penis last?

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    Default Re: Bugzy is bleeding a little from his...???!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NICASFINEST View Post
    He is acting normal still full of energy, he only seems to bleed from the tip when he is asleep and laying flat on the am going to keep observing him and if it gets worse ill have to take him to the vet tomorrow...his urine comes out normal...
    @Telly03 i read that article too and hope its just something that happens and nothing to worry about...cross our fingers
    thanks guys ill keep u posted...
    You posted this yesterday...and it's not changed...still the same amount? I am to much of a worrier. I would just take him in to be seen for peace of mind. A check up isn't all together that expensive. And...worth the peace of mind. For if it would be a problem...I would think the sooner it was dealt with. The less chance of complications. But...that's just me. I like to have a firm answer when it comes to medical things with my babies who can't tell me what's going wrong.
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