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Thread: Repeated infection on Rear Right Leg

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    Default Re: Repeated infection on Rear Right Leg

    After rinsing shampoo out really well, get a plastic pitcher and put 1 cup vinegar
    then fill with warm water and slowly pour from neck down to tail, leave in. This
    really helps with dog odor until next bath. I wash my Cami once a month, no odor
    at all. You can dip washcloth in mixture, rinse out & wipe face & ears out in between
    baths, even a complete body wipe down if needed.

    I might try another Vet, a skin scrape should have been done 1st, not simply culture
    to see what antibiotics best for him. Tells me they are treating the symptom and not
    looking for the cause. A bully experienced Vet if possible.

    Please let us know how your bully does with the NuStock, etc...Good Luck!

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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    Default Re: Repeated infection on Rear Right Leg

    Dear aliasamw, I know how you feel. Very sorry that your baby is not well. Does Bowser get good fish oil with high content of EPA and DHA? My boy is also getting antibiotics now bcs of allergy that caused a lot of skin problems, but doctor also gave us South African produced Efazol, which is combination of high level EPA and DHA essential fatty acids and Zn. And his skin improved a lot.

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