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To me, I think the photo's you posted are of your Bully's PAW PADS. Correct ?
To me, it looks like HYPERKERATOSIS. My Bulldog, Maximus, suffers from Hyperkeratosis of his 4 Paws and of his Nose.
Do a Google search for Hyperkeratosis and you will find what I think your dog is suffering from.
Does your Dogs paw pads look like they are growing 'hairs' ? Let me know if they are.
First, just let me know what the photo's are of . Are the photo's of his Paw Pads, or the Tops of his Paws.

Yes,the bottom of his paws. The irritation was in between, on top, on bottom, ankle...everywhere. I have looked into Hyperkeratosis and I'm not sure that is what the problem is. His paw pads aren't 'hairy'. Maybe it could be slightly there? But there is most certainly a different issue going on that is bigger. :-/ I appreciate your response!!

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Definitely change vets and remove the chicken. My girls are on Earthborn Meadow Feast and have been for almost two years now. Amber has reactions to food if I change her diet; Ruby not so much but both will get tear stains if I change the food out. Amber use to have foot problems when she was a puppy. I used lemon juice, peroxide, and apple cider vinegar soaks a few times a week. Also epitome salt soaks and what I have found works great is Noxzema medicated pads. I had yeast problems and used everything but still had problems so one day I used my daughters Noxzema medicated pads and the results were amazing. The bullies love them too; now I only use them on their tail pockets, wrinkles and paws; they are really cheap and you get a ton in a container. The food, foot soaks and Noxzema medicated pads keep mine allergy free and my girls haven't had a bath in probably 14 months. No smells, I use lavender; I boil off the plant (several branches in a gallon of water and put it in a spray bottle) for a spritzer and they smell great plus its a natural insect repellent. I hope your bully starts feeling better, good luck.
I LOVE that idea of the lavender!!!! I'm not sure if he could manage with just that though.....lol