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    Default Default Need Help With interdigital cysts

    About two years ago my bulldog starting to get what we thought were scrapes on his paws. I took him to the vet for his yearly shots and the vet told me that they were actually due to his allergies. We first tried to put him on allergy dog food with antibiotics. We tried that for a while and it helped a little but after a couple of months our vet suggested that he would try to surgically remove them. So we did that and about three weeks after the surgery one of the cyst started to come back and about six months later they returned to what they were to begin with. Our vet then sent us to a specialist at Florida Veterinary Services. Our first visit we found out that Brutus not only had problem with the cyst but had bilateral ear infections which we were told were all secondary to his allergy problems. It took about six to eight weeks but we treated the ear infections however the problem with his paws have become much more chronic. We have tested his allergies and he is now on a vaccine but we seem to be one step forward two steps back situation. Brutus has been on every antibiotic under the sun along with steroids and Atopica, nothing seems to help long term. This problem has now been going on for two years and for the last four months the vet says when she does needle biopsy there isn't any infection in the cyst just inflammatory cells. Our allergy vet is now suggesting we see a surgeon for a procedure were they will remove the tissue between his toes and sow his toes together to make mittens is how she explained it. She said that because of all the scar tissue and that the body will keep sending inflammatory cells out to this tissue plus its painful for him to walk (which I do see). So we saw the surgeon and the price was crazy expensive like three to four thousand dollars to do all four paws. My question is does anyone have any experience with this problem if so what did you do to fix it and if it was surgery did it help. I don't mind spending the money to correct the problem if it has been successful.

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    Default Re: Default Need Help With interdigital cysts

    Oh my goodness.... these are very common and yes are caused by allergies. Since you had the testing... what is your boy allergic to? What food are you feeding?

    My first bulldog got these a lot and once we did the allergy testing then removed rice (all grains) from his diet and wiped his paws when he came in form outside,,, he never got another one.
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