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Thread: Loosing hair around tail, but is it ringworm?

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    Default Loosing hair around tail, but is it ringworm?

    My Bully Layla is 11 years and old and thankfully has lived most of her life without many of the typical bully issues related to skin. She has only been our bully the last two years (we adopted her form a rescue). However we do know she has a long history of scooting and dragging related to her anal glands as we were lucky enough to receive all of her vet records since she was a puppy. This is our first experience with skin issues with her and it does not look like from her vet records she has had any.

    Let me give you some context on what's been happening.

    In June she started dragging a lot --more than the normal Layla scooting behaviour. She was also aggressively rolling around on the carpet and outside --any surface that she could soothe herself. After two visits to our vet, they didn't find anything abnormal, other than her anal region inflamed and gave us some medicated wipes and also said we should use baby powder from time to time. It was at that time the vet told us to switch to Royal Cannin from her Limited Ingredient Natural Balance Diet (which she was not eating much of and I started to mix with chicken or lamb to get her to eat).

    July she improved, but now she is back to to aggressive rolling, and tonight a giant clump of hair fell off her tail during a particularly aggressive romp in the backyard. She would run to me and even yelp (she rarely barks) and then she ran into the house and over to her "dog bag" where I keep all of her supplies for care, grooming etc. She knew her wipes and baby powder was there. I used her wipes and more fur came out without even pulling. The fur had these hard black pieces at the ends (picture below). I've never seen anything like that on her before or my former dogs that I have had.

    Regarding the picture with her trail, the white you see on her skin is residue from the baby powder. That did soothe her. But you can see enough of the irritated area without the powder.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and offeing your two cents. We'll be going to the vet, but I want to be better educated on what to ask about. My last two visits I was underwhelmed. I don't know if it's fungus, something else, or allergy.


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    Default Re: Loosing hair around tail, but is it ringworm?

    That looks like a tail infection.... I would have the vet take a look at it. My boy, Lambeau had a very bad one at the age of 8 months and we had to have the tail removed due to a very deep pocket that is a breeding ground for moisture and infection. So when you placed her on the RC (not a good food at all) is that when the issue with the yelp and run started? I'd suggest going back to the natural balance and add a little topper of 100% pure pumpkin to help keep her anal glands in gear and even a little plain yogurt to keep the yeast at bay.

    if you can, shave the area and clean it with peroxide then keep it dry and clean till you get to the vet for some antibiotics.
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    Default Re: Loosing hair around tail, but is it ringworm?

    Poor baby! I have no experience with this, but I think it's so great that you saved an older bully. I hope the vet can help.

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