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Thread: Allergies: What are classic symptoms of Allergies.?

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    Default Allergies: What are classic symptoms of Allergies.?

    Dog allergies appear to be more common than not. Problem is trying to determine the cause. With so many possibilities, how do you know if your Bully has allergies?
    Are there any important supplements we should give our Bullies to combat Allergies?
    I have Maximus on a really good diet of WELLNESS CORE and TOTW both are Grain Free, but is that enough ...?

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    Default Re: Allergies: What are classic symptoms of Allergies.?

    With Stig, the symptoms were hives, reddish/pinkish skin (even more so than the normal 'bully pink'), regular licking of paws, some itchiness and a hot spot.

    You're feeding Maximus great food now. Maybe he's allergic to something in his environment like pollen such a @KMARINO's Vegas. Or it can also be something in his food such as the main protein source or an additive.

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    Default Re: Allergies: What are classic symptoms of Allergies.?

    I found with both our bulldogs that they are VERY itchy all over their body, lick their paws a lot and one even had very bad ear itching, which can be a reaction to an allergy to grains or even potatoes. We have completely eliminated grains, gluten, and potatoes from their diet. They now are on Nature's Variety Instinct food. The elimination of these major allergens from their food can also help us determine the cause of the allergies, although we believe it is the food.

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