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I heard of it, but THINK it is for helping hair grow back after experiencing a skin disease ...

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Has anyone here experience of Allerderm Spot On for allergies?

I read some very positive reviews online and bought a package and now realise it's not what I thought it was. I thought I was bying an ointment I could put on Castor's feet to help what looks almost like interdigital cysts (seasonal allergy-related, probably), but Allerderm Spot On is some kind of drops that are meant to be applied on the back of the dog. Supposedly, the stuff then spreads all over the dog. I will contact the store I bought it from and ask but thought I'd check here if any bulldogs have tried Allerderm Spot On?
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Never heard of it but it sounds interesting....

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My vet recommended it for chumley after his hair loss issues last year and said to use it once a week even after it cleared up. I stopped using it last year and asked for it again last month at the vet and he said its discontinued. you can still get on Amazon though for now.