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Bentley has been on...

Convenia Injection
Albuterol Ampules
Pulmicort Ampules
Prescription cough syrup
Children's Mucinex
Betagen Spray

He's about to go on Amikacin via nebulizer, waiting on it, the vet ordered it and it hasn't came in yet, and probably other antibiotics again. He's been on 3 different antibiotics at a time, generally. No the vet hasn't recommended a respiratory panel. He did mention previously about a trachea wash, but after seeing just how small Bentley's trachea is, he said he doesn't think that is a good idea now. No Bentley didn't get any bordetella vaccine, at first I thought he did, but reviewing his vet records he didn't, it was my yorkie who we had just gotten 2 weeks before him she had the bordetella vaccine. Attached you will see a picture of the size of just how small 3MM's is.. That is the size of Bentley's trachea.. you will then understand how even a swab in the back of the throat could cause issues for him...We have to be very careful with his food, everything due to the size of his trachea. From everything I've read and researched and heard from the vets, it's a chore just for him to breathe and get oxygen in, considering how small it is.. that puts a strain on his other organs, his heart etc. So we have to keep a close eye on all of that as well, much less the side effects of the meds, as some of them can affect his kidneys and cause him to go deaf. It's a tough battle, and we are fighting it with everything we can, to help Bentley. Like I told the vet, jokingly, but wish it could happen.. I joked and said too bad we couldn't inject growth hormones in his trachea, and the vet said he wished there was such a thing as a trachea transplant! The last several days, he's not eating like he normally does, he gets dry food soaked in water and then alittle can food mushed up to make a gravy to pour onto the dry softened food.. He's coughing more, sounds more congested and wanting to sleep more than he had in the previous days. So we are hoping and praying that when the new antibiotics are in that they will kick this pneumonia's butt and evict it from Bentley's chest where it seems to have taken up residence!
Thank ya'll for the continued prayers and support, it is greatly appreciated! Bentley sends his thanks as well, by offering slobbery kisses!

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Continuing to send lots or prayers your way.... give Bently hugs and kisses from us