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Thread: Should I get Pet Insurance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArJay84 View Post
    Yeah, we kind of figured the insurance wouldn't be too beneficial since she's been through a lot already. I like the separate savings account idea, since we usually just take the money out of our savings account, which makes it feel like a harder hit than it actually might be. Thanks for the advice and kind words everyone!
    I'm sorry about your poor Millie!! You sound like great parents. I like this idea of the separate savings account. I have pet insurance from Healthy Paws. It has been great for us with all of Farley's issues that pop up. He didn't have Pre-Existing issues at the time we adopted him. Thankfully our vet advised pet insurance before we brought him in for an exam. The down side of the pet insurance is that you still have to pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed after you meet your deductible. We've already meet our deductible last week with one visit. *lol* I do believe that if we add another Bully after Farley, then I will still get insurance again. I just like the idea of the savings account to help pay out of pocket, while I wait for the reimbursement check. Good luck with your Millie!
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    I only ever advise someone to get it if they are adopting a puppy, or rescuing a dog that doesn't have a long history of health issues that could be considered pre-existing conditions.

    i have it on frank because I was able to adopt him at a young age (14 weeks) and it's been a life saver.

    I also lucked out because frank is technically a bulldog/beagle mix, and being a mixed breed qualifies him for cheaper insurance. Although he looks all english bulldog, and definitely was plagued with english bulldog health issues! My policy has paid for itself and then some.

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