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Thread: What are the health concerns of NOT spaying your bully?

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    Default Re: What are the health concerns of NOT spaying your bully?

    Quote Originally Posted by Telly03 View Post
    @Bella Cows Mama We recently had our Shih Tzu spaded, after she was 4 years old... almost 5. During the procedure, they found a tumor and removed it... fortunately it wasn't cancer, but they said it was a precurser and could have turned into cancer. They also mentioned that at her age, being spaded would not decreased the chances of more tumors or cancer as it would have if we spaded her early. She also had an issue with fluid built up in her uterus, so we feel lucky that we caught all this now instead of waiting till the problems got really bad. All of this would have been prevented though if we have had her spaded while she was young.

    That's interesting...When our collie/shepherd had almost died...due to prostrate issues. He was 7 yrs. old...he was then neutered. I'm of a belief to spay or neuter...if one does not plan on breeding. wait until they are a bit older. In the Aussie World they feel it's best to allow growth plates to fully develop before spaying or neutering. They feel it lessens the chances for torn ACL's. They also feel that spaying after the first cycle is beneficial...But having almost lost our Butchie back then to prostrate issues. And having been told..."Had you only neutered him he may never had these issues" Was hard to swallow. So I'm a firm believer that the risks of seeing a dog almost die from prostrate. [He bled out and was vomiting and had loose stools. It was horrible! Took three days to get him just do surgery.]

    Though the magic 2 yrs. of wait longer you do risk certain cancers is what I was told by our vet. So maybe they've learned more since when we dealt with Butchie's prostrate issues...
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