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Thread: Head tremors caused by over-stimulation

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    Default Re: Head tremors caused by over-stimulation

    Head Tremors...I spent a lot of money years ago trying to figure out what was causing them...With our dog Jake with no luck...

    Flash forward to the present with the knowledge now known...Head Tremors can be brought on by a drop in sugar or so my vet stated. I keep Sunbeam Honey and Oats granola on hand for just this thing. The oats break down into sugar...and raises their sugar. Oatmeal can be added to their diet also to help if it's an on going thing.

    In our case...
    Our Tank's was brought on by changing his dog food and putting him on a diet dog food. It wasn't enough to keep his sugar levels where they needed to be...and brought on the tremors. Changing his food to one that wasn't diet...did help. Also making sure he is fed on a schedule twice a well as having a granola bar handy if we take a walk or he seems to be wrestling more at one time than typical...helps keep these at bay.

    A good way in preventing this is to make sure your bulldog is on a feeding schedule...and if they have any extra activity that may have stimulated their metabolism to work faster, give them an extra treat. In doing this you can typically prevent these from happening.

    I wanted to add...that even though Tank was known to wake up from a nap with a tremor in the past...when he was on that diet dog food. So over stimulation didn't play into account with that tremor. But...again it was his diet...and sugar dropping. For I can't say when the last time he's had a tremor...and they were quite constant until we figured out what was going on. Now that we've changed his food and know that when he's been more energetic to treat him accordingly. We've had no tremors...this leads me to believe...that our vet touched on a fine point...since we can control them and keep them at bay.
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    Default Re: Head tremors caused by over-stimulation

    Oh wow that looks scary for sure... thanks so much for sharing.

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