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@Petra, Could she have gotten a bug bite? Do you have benedryl,or equivilent to give her? I have never had a problem with DE,but anything is possible! I think if the hives seem to be going away,I wouldn't worry. If you give her any more de,and it happens again-better stop the de for her! Sending good thought for you! You poor gal-you sure need a break!
The reason I dusted her was because I saw a flea on her... maybe she got a reaction to flea bite I talked to Cheryl about Benadryl yesterday, we don't have it here but I got the active ingredient from her so I'm going to ask at the pharmacy on Monday. It's good to have home for occasions like this, especially when the vets are so far away I checked her again and her belly is also less red now, and she's sleeping and snoring Thank you so much for the support<3 I think I can maybe sleep tonight even