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Thread: Tail pocket woes.....I know I know, it's common but

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    Default Tail pocket woes.....I know I know, it's common but

    So, Charlotte had her checkup today and needed her rabies so no biggie butttt I've been noticing her tail pocket recently just never looks clean which is new for us, I increased the cleaning with malacectic wipes but it seems to hurt her after a few wipes even though it's not clean yet. Sighhhh she has what I would describe as a deep, tight pocket - I can get my finger in their with a wipe but that's about it. I've tried Desitin after the wiping but no real progress.
    Anyway, our vet today told me the tail amputation may be inevitable with how it appeared today. I really really want to try first but not to make her uncomfortable. So home we came with a bottle of chlorhexidine shampoo and determination. Already had a "booty" wash with a plan to do this every two days, with post poop wiping to continue. I've read about the gold baums powder but can't get it in there, even tried a bulb syringe which failed miserably.

    Anyone ever tried numbing cream like lidocaine to really get in there? Is that crazy? Or are all these efforts futile?

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    Default Re: Tail pocket woes.....I know I know, it's common but

    I just went thru this with my rescue dog rocky.. his tail, when I got him, was so badly infected it had puss and blood running down his leg.. sorry to sound gross, we got him from a person that did not give him the best care and I believe she even had him in a pen outside,, whole other story, but my vet sedated him with a light sedation and packed it with gauze after she cleaned it.. the gauze had medicine on it but after a few weeks of medication and cleaning with a catheter we still were not able to get infection under control. so our only option was to amputate and I am so glad we did.. he has no more pain and of course it is so much nicer to clean his little bottom off.. hope all goes ok with your babie.. if I can answer any questions of my experience with his surgery I will gladly.... good luck.

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    Default Re: Tail pocket woes.....I know I know, it's common but

    I just went through tail amputation with Lambeau.... in all honesty, knowing the discomfort and possible pain he was enduring I knew it was the best decision for him. Doing it at a younger age is best so try not to wait too long if you vet says it is inevitable it my be est to just have it done.

    Banks also had tail issues, but hers was extra skin, not a pocket so that was more maintainable than a deep pocket.... having had the two experiences also helped with the decision with Lambeau
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