Greetings All,

My 5 year old EBD Harley is going through some health issues and we are trying to determine what is wrong with her. I took her to my current Vet today for some tests and I think these prices are WAY too expensive. Don't get me wrong, I WILL PAY ANYTHING to keep my girls happy and healthy but I feel I am getting overcharged for services. I could be wrong but I've done some research here and it appears as though I am getting gouged. I do have health insurance which will help offset the costs but still.

Here is a list and pricing for the services so far with more to follow:

Office exam 72
xray/radiograph set up fee 80
xray radiograph per plate 60x4= 240
blood collection 25
wellnes 2 bloodwork 130
Boarding 28- the vet wanted us to leave her there
leptospira spp real ipcr test 110
ultrasound-abdomen 300
ultrasound-cardiac 350
total 1335 + Taxes=$1508

I switched to this vet because my other vet was price gouging me on everything from exams to prescriptions. I interviewed a number of vets before I switched to this current one and her prices and services were reasonable and much cheaper than the first vet. Everything has gone well with my new vet until my current crisis with Harley. Does anyone who lives in the Toronto or surrounding area have any recommendations for a good vet who doesn't charge outrageous prices? Or, are these prices correct?

I have uploaded a video which you may find interesting as well.

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