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Thread: Allergies and yeast all over

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    Default Re: Allergies and yeast all over

    My two also have allergies to something in kibble, and after a long and exhaustive search, we were lucky to find out that they do extremely well with raw. It's not cheap, but it's not too expensive either. I would compare it to feeding high quality kibble such as Fromm. We purchase everything from a local raw supplier and ethnic grocery stores. To save us trips and money, we try to buy in bulk and when they are on sale.

    Whereabouts do you live? We can try and see if there's a supplier close to your area.
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    Default Re: Allergies and yeast all over

    Hi there and welcome!

    I went through horrendous trial and error with my two. I tried every food out there and every possible protein combination. Our next step was kangaroo if prescription food didn't work.

    Finally, when they were just over 2yrs, we put them on vet prescription food - Its by royal canin and it is the vet-exclusive HP hypoallergenic food. My female had awful ear infections and yeast infections in her nose fold no matter what I did. My male had bad chin pyoderma and interdigital cysts like crazy. Once they got on this food I have never looked back. It is a hydrolyzed (already sort of digested) plant-based protein (I guess they are vegan!). I know it is an "engineered" food and yes it is pricier than the high end natural foods (we tried them all, Fromms and Nature's Way, etc) but the money I save on antibiotics, panalog and vet visits is substantial.

    I suppose we have figured out that they can't have any animal protein whatsoever and no grains. They only get the HP kibble and there is a canned version that is a special treat. I also give them hypoallergenic cookies from the vet.

    Don't get me wrong, in summer (ragweed) my boy will get interdigital cysts and I know this is when he needs to start a round of vanectyl-p, and I need to keep on top of keeping them clean and Layla needs her nasal fold cleaned all the time. But this food was a saviour.

    If you are ever in East Ontario, the vet I go to is in Russell and I trust her with my EBs 100%.
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