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Hi, I know exactly how you feel, and what you are going through. I just went through this with Bulldozer. My guys were on Fromm's Beef Frittata for two years and then both were showing signs of allergies, so I switched them both to Fromms lamb and Lentil. They were on this food for 9 months and Blossom is still doing well on it, but Dozer blew up with allergy symptoms again. He was licking his paws excessively to the point that his paw was all puffy, soggy and it changed colour, his eye were very goopy, he scratched his chest raw, and his ears were very waxy. He is now developed allergies to 4 proteins, chicken, salmon, beef and lamb. I stopped all supplements, treats, fruits and veggies, and I put him on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Vegan Kibble for one month to detoxify his system from all proteins, kind of like starting from scratch. Then a week ago I started him on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Kangaroo Kibble. The idea is to detoxify him of all proteins and then add a protein that he's never had before and one that is not a normal protein such as kangaroo or venison, so that hopefully his immune system won't recognize it and he will tolerate it. So far he's doing really well, he lost a little weight while he was on the vegan diet because he wasn't getting any protein, but he did well on the food change, he had normal poops, no tummy upsets and tolerated and really liked the taste, he licked the bowl clean. He's doing well on the Kangaroo as well, and he's improved so much, no more goopy eyes, his itching and licking has stopped and his paw is back to normal, his hair is growing back on his chest where he scratched it raw. His ears are still a little waxy, but improving as well. I'm going to give this food a month, as it can take that long before seeing an improvement from a food change, and I will also know if he tolerates it or has a reaction. Then I will slowly add one thing at a time back into his diet and for a week before adding a new one, that way I will know which one he is allergic to.

great advice info!!