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Thread: summer tips from Dr. Kraemer

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    Default summer tips from Dr. Kraemer

    Summer months are coming, be prepared, read below for helpful tips.
    Tips for a Cool Bulldog:
    Never leave your dog unattended in the car.

    Keep them in a cool place to stay and sleep
    (air-conditioned and well ventilated)

    Bulldog overheating? Cool him off immediately.

    Place your bully in some cool water, and pour cool water over his head. If you cannot place him in a tub-like area, hose him down with a low pressure spray. Ensure water reaches and soaks his paws. Make sure he has plenty of cold water to drink.

    Bulldog overheated? Place your dog by a fan.

    Use your fingers to spread his fur to open up his coat to help air flow through to his body. Do this after you have put him in the tub/poured cool water on him. Fur acts as an insulator to cold weather so by spreading his/her fur open you are helping to reduce this insulation!
    If your Bulldog is overheating on a regular basis, we fully recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kraemer to see if there are any underlying issues.

    Bulldogs and heat do not mix.
    It is critical to know the signs of an overheating Bulldog, and what to do.

    Signs of an overheating Bulldog:

    • Excessive panting
    • Heaving while panting
    • Odd sounds coming from the throat
    • Very floppy, loose, discolored tongue
    • Possible foaming from the mouth
    • Exhaustion from the fight for breath

    Don't leave pets unsupervised around a pool
    Give them plenty of fresh, clean water.

    Hot Paws
    Protect your Bully's from the heat,
    treat their feet with care!
    Being so close the ground, your pet's body can heat up quickly.
    Hot asphalt burns, if it's too hot for you,
    it's too hot for them!

    Pododermatitis: inflammation of the foot.
    Hug your bully today

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    Default Re: summer tips from Dr. Kraemer

    Great tips, especially when so many areas are having excessive heat right now. Very very important things to remember!
    Happiness is a warm bulldog!

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    Default Re: summer tips from Dr. Kraemer

    Great info ... Thanks for sharing
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

    Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014) -- My angels
    Thank you for all the love, fun and teachings

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