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thanks so much for the advice! i am going to try the 99cent or the dollar store here before going to the pet store. I'm so glad this is working out for Boo Boo

btw, how much does Boo Boo weight. Finn is now 55 lbs. Would that 4/5T size work?
Great tips here! I had a hard time figuring out sizing for Buttercup during her heat cycle. She has a spay surgery scheduled in a couple of weeks so we hope there will be no further need for diapers! She tolerated wearing the diapers fine but we made sure to change frequently so she didn't sit in her moist diaper for too long. We also took it off at night to give her some time to "breathe" and just put a towel over her blankets in her crate.

Here's our experience with sizing (Buttercup weighs 35 lbs): Target brand pullups size 4/5T (girl version) fit her with some room to spare. I liked them because the tabs are stretchy.

Pullups from Family Dollar were the same price but the tabs didn't stretch enough for the diaper to fit so I returned them.

We also used Huggies Li'l Swimmers in the largest size Target had (32 lbs+ I think) but those were pretty snug so I don't think they would work for a 55 lb dog. Also, they're a little more expensive than Target brand.

We used shirt stays attached to her harness to keep the diapers in place but I have seen others here use mattress clips (look easier) and the strap method boo boo butts mom mentioned looks even better.